Burning Man 2013 Honorarium Project / Impossible Triangle Now Made Possible

Penrose is in the Commons

One of the exciting parts of a Burning Man project is the challenge of installing the work in the middle of a desert.  This evening, we learned first hand that Boston offers just as exciting challenges.  Surly, Jacob, John Dill, Ronny, and I each spent a few hours today in 37°F heavy rain, fumbling with bolts (and it Ronny’s case climbing).  Now, I am delighted to say that thing is sitting in Boston Common!

When I first moved to town, almost eighteen years ago, I took a long walk through the Common and Garden, and recall being surprised by the lack of modern art.  There are plenty of bronze statues, including adorable ducklings, but nothing that, in my opinion, provokes interpretation.  I never would have dreamed that I would have had a hand in doing something about it.

Here’s about the most pleased or wet you’ll ever see Surly or me.

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