Burning Man 2013 Honorarium Project / Impossible Triangle Now Made Possible

Installing the Electrical Boxes

In perhaps the most nuanced GIF of the series, here’s half the crew, doing the things they do.

Dewb’s in the foreground, fussily trying to cram everything into one of the boxes.  For a variety of reasons, they boxes were much tighter than anyone would have liked.  Dewb persevered for what seemed like days, but made them work.

At the far side of the base, Surly attaches a box while Jesse feeds him the right fasteners.  It is very important to feed Surly the fasteners, or he will reject them and toss them wherever he sees fit.  You can make a small fortune following Surly around with a magnetic rake, FWIW.

At the top, by now I’m sure you’ve noticed Ronny doing something sketchy.   However, on closer inspection, he is just taking a sip from his water bottle.  Damn you Ronny, I thought I had something to tease you about!

One more shot, mostly of Surly.  I have no idea what operation requires a long screwdriver, impact wrench, ratchet driver, spanner and a pry bar.  Oh, right, the electrical boxes didn’t fit around the bolts when assembled.  I wonder who designed those.  Anyhow, Jesse seems impressed.

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