Burning Man 2013 Honorarium Project / Impossible Triangle Now Made Possible

The Floof

All placed art at Burning Man starts with a floof.  I think they called it a floof.  The floofs are constructed out of some sort of old CD or DVD (this, IIRC, is a Microsoft Developer kit of some sort), along with a long (roofing?) nail, some pink plastic filament, and a special clip that holds the filament to the nail.  I haven’t been able to determine the normal use of either the filament or the clip is, which is kind of exciting.

For Honorarium projects, the artist must hammer in their own floof.  I can’t immediately recall the name of our placer and her friend, but here we are, placing the floof.  The floof isn’t just a practical way to mark a location; it’s also the groundbreaking moment on the construction of the piece.  It’s good that you see me working so hard to hammer it in in this clip, as the team will tell you that this is the most work I did on the project.  Ah hahahah.

Notice how empty the playa is!

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