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Load ‘em Out

The main difficulty with big art is moving it around.  Surly and Jesse’s forklifts are handy in the shop, but they can only get us so far.  It became clear that we would need a shipping container to get our piece to the playa, and Peter Durand added us as a forth community container from the Boston area with its own separate logistics.   The Penrose project would manage the container.  Last Friday, Freddy from Manchester Freight rolled in with this beauty:

The Penrose project only needed about a third of the container.  The remainder of it went to the community, many of whom were also working out of Surly’s shop.  Packing everyone in would take more planing than usual:

On the left are the Kaos maze frames, on top of which there are bikes and other oddly shaped things.  Then we had two sets of 4′x8′ shelves, using the Boston containers’ shelf design as a template.  Next came the arms, which would get screwed into plywood.  Finally, Blakes art cars, with a shelf and the arm cubes on top.

Shelf building is a de rigueur part of container loading, and the shareholders couldn’t resist coming early to move, saw, and screw wood:

Kaos loaded in the maze frames on Friday, so packing on Saturday went quickly.  We saved some time at the end and scheduled the container for a 6:00AM pickup Tuesday morning, which meant we got to pull an all nighter packing until then.

Kendra celebrates having finished tetrising the Penrose arms, all three of which are packed here:


I left at 5:00, when all that was left was Surly’s crap.



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