Burning Man 2013 Honorarium Project / Impossible Triangle Now Made Possible

Two Arms

Tonight involved two fork lifts, and lot of “you’re doing it wrong,” 5/8ths flange bolts tossed to the floor over and over, a few ladders, various types of hoists and straps, two scale models of the assembled piece, and sprinkler pipe, improperly installed Romex, at least three different welders, and the ceiling itself coming dangerously close to tragedy.  The water cooler didn’t come out very well at all, and various boxes of different colored fasteners have been scattered into nether regions under desks that are actually immune to magnetism.  Entire piles of I think this belongs to so-and-so have been shuffled so that the true owner can never be identified.

Keep in mind I designed the thing to be just a few inches short of Surly’s ceiling.  I mean, we wanted to make it as big as we could.  That ceiling seemed really far up there.  Pretty cool that Surly can drive a forklift under it, though.  Actually, I have now seen a new kind of forklift art that will keep me up a night for weeks.

Yes, that is a bolt of lightning come straight from your deity of choice to the piece.  Although we appreciate being anointed in plasma, that won’t happen when we close the circuit by adding the third arm.  Also notice the gallon of lacquer thinner with the box of combustibles as a cap.

Standing on a welding table, you can almost see it start to work.

I told Surly that we had to assemble the last arm in place, due to tolerance stack-up and that any errors in length would turn into a problem in all three axes around the piece.  The first thing I did when we got it standing up was to grab the test arm and check the fit.  It was about 1/8th long, which is well well well within the happiest place it could be.

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