Burning Man 2013 Honorarium Project / Impossible Triangle Now Made Possible

This Might Actually Work

Things are starting to come together chez Surly.  There’s been a lot of processing on the beams.  Here Amber seems genuinely pleased with the business that 1.5″ roughing mill delivers.

Although Surly has plenty of bench space, Dorothy is more comfortable deburring the plasma cut plates from  the floor:

Here’s how the arm beams work.  Jacob used the wood router at Artisans’ to lay down a template:

We had to outsource the beam bending for this size tubing, but we gave them a template based on the template itself.

Once the corner cubes are placed just where they need to be, the bent arms get fitted:

Notice we took some scrap 3/8ths and made some fixtures to help position the arms on the flanges:

Once the bent arms were in place, we could see if the beams and all the crazy sticker business actually worked.  Here are the beams taped roughly into place:

Surly then adjusted everything to the right vertices and sent me this cell phone photo of it all welded!

Now, another arm and we get to see if it all lines up!  Frankly, it’s a miracle those arms worked out as well as they did.


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